Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby Bear, Baby Bear!

We are still working on the letter B! Between sicky kiddos and other things our school time has been limited! boo! I plan on doing some more A and B things this week and starting fresh next week with Letter C and number 3! :)

Book of the day-baby bear baby bear! 1 of our favs in this house! :)

This project is super fun for Cameron! He loved completing the puzzle and working with the magnetic pom poms!

Want a free set?!?! Enter this giveaway at HOme Grown Hearts!

These are super fun and HOme Grown Hearts has tons of different printouts for them! I love them and plan on using them every week! :)



His bee hive that we made! :)

I'm making him a book out of all the letters and numbers we paint every week-Letter B and Number 2 for his book-


This week we are working on Blue, So we did this fun collage. He helped me find Blue things in a magazine and glued them on the paper. This was really fun for him and I think I'll do it every week for the color we are working on.

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